Machine Learning Lead, NLP

Location: San Francisco, CA

Position type: full-time permanent

Job description:

San Francisco Mission district based series A 20+ people startup is looking for a Machine Learning Lead who can help the team to dig into a variety of textual data. The company is backed by top tier VCs and angel investors.

The company offers a local content platform that provides relevant nearby articles, photos and videos for any app or site. Each story is tagged with a context taxonomy allowing people to receive relevant information about anything from where to eat to where to move. The company partners with 200+ publishers, including ABC television, McClatchy, Advance Digital, TripAdvisor and Vice, and does its own reporting to discover insights for every location. This information is served to partner's apps and sites including Uber, Eventbrite and Yelp.

You will be a founding member of Machine Learning team and this this role will have an outsized impact on future of the company's platform. You will develop Machine Learning models for the platform and run them at scale to automatically tag incoming partner data. This will involve essentially turn terabytes of incoming and proprietary local data into insights, to understand how cities really work. It's a chance to have your fingerprints all over the product, work with and help build a world class team working one of the largest and most challenging problems - local.


  • Leveraging the large amount of textual data in various forms, build and train natural language understanding systems.
  • Develop new algorithms and modeling techniques, conduct experiments to prove these new techniques and integrate them into the live production system for tagging, text classification, sentiment analysis, named entity recognition etc.
  • Keep up with recent advances in natural language processing (NLP), machine-learning (ML) and big data processing.
  • Work closely with other team members on the development and support of new products.
  • Run online experiments and develop metrics that can drive product requirements.


  • MS in CS and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine learning (ML). PhD is big plus.
  • Strong expertise in Natural Language Processing (parsing, entity recognition and detection, text classification etc.) and language modeling at scale using neural networks and classical techniques.
  • Experience with commonly available tools and infrastructures for natural language processing, text mining, machine learning and parallel data processing.
  • Experience in large scale software development and product development process.
  • Knowledge of at least one modern programming language (C++, Java, Scala) and scripting language (Python, Perl).
  • Experience working with large amounts of user generated content and data processing in large-scale environments using Amazon EC2, Storm, Hadoop and Spark.
  • 3+ years of professional experience in the industry.


  • Curiosity about the local content and local news space.
  • Being an active participant in meet-ups / groups related to: Data Analytics, Hadoop, Cloud Computing, Data Visualization, Data Mining, MapReduce, Machine Learning, High Scalability Computing, Predictive Analytics

To apply:

  • Please send your resume in WORD or PDF format to
  • Place the text "Machine Learning Lead, NLP" in the subject line.
  • Please provide the date you are available to start work.

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