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Talent Acquisition

Lilia partnered very closely with me to hire a number of senior execs (Sr Directors, VPs and GMs) at Box. She's extremely focused on outcomes and takes the "long view" in fostering and growing relationships with senior leaders who for the most part are generally "not looking". Due to this approach she builds trust and brings an impressive rolodex of product and engineering leadership talent. Lilia is also very tenacious and pragmatic in how she engages leadership internally - setting and holding every stakeholder to a high bar. She's confident and bold in her recommendations, even though they might not be popular, and hyper-focused on delivering best outcomes for the business, team, and company.

CPO, Miro

Lilia helped so much during the job offer phase into a new role at Trusted Health. She spent quality time with me discussing the company and the role, and answered questions that I had about transitioning into the tech industry and startup world. I had been treated poorly by other recruiters who pressured me and wanted me to make fast and uninformed decisions, and I felt so much relief to work with Lilia. She answered all my questions thoroughly and gave me reassurance. I'm truly grateful for the time she spent with me during a high stress time.

Clinical Operations Leader, Trusted Health

Lilia is a strong recruiting partner. She is empathetic, dependable, and organized. She is both a star recruiter herself and she is also able to build, organize, and efficiently run the entire talent acquisition team. Lilia is great at partnering with hiring leaders - especially the executive team - to understand the needs, organize the process, and find the best candidates. She builds strong relationships with the candidates, helping shepherd them through the hiring process. Because of her own technical background, she is especially effective in connecting with senior technologists. For those that pass the interviews she is very effective at closing and bringing them onboard. On top of it all, Lilia is a very nice person and a pleasure to work with!

VP of Engineering, Path

Lilia is by far the smartest and most effective tech recruiter I know in Silicon Valley. I have worked with Lilia at three companies over a span of nearly ten years. I would hire her again and again. I think what makes Lilia so much more effective than other recruiters (and I have worked with many) is that she is highly intelligent, has a strong technical background, and has been a software engineer herself. Lilia understands the discipline of engineering, the personalities it attracts, and what truly motivates engineers. She sees past keyword matches and the alphabet soup of the typical engineering resume to understand the arc of someone’s career and the kinds of technologies, products, and challenges that motivate them. When Lilia reaches out to prospects, they listen; she speaks their language, knows how to win their instant respect, knows how to pique their interest in an opportunity and how to close a hire. She is also able to wrap her head around the strategies and technologies of even highly technical, esoteric startups to understand their needs and to source great people. At the three companies where she and I have worked together, she has sourced great engineers to work in the areas of peer-to-peer, video compression, mesh networking, and applied cryptography. At Blockstream, I brought Lilia on as Head of Talent Acquisition, where she streamlined and organized the recruiting process for our globally distributed team and refreshed our company’s recruiting materials to message more strongly the company’s mission, ethos, and opportunity. One of Lilia’s strengths is her extensive professional network of clients and candidates in Silicon Valley, but Blockstream’s workforce is mostly remote. Lilia adapted and seized the opportunity to tap into a global talent pool to attract great people to the company at all levels, without requiring relocation. If you need to scale up your startup with top talent, you really cannot do better than Lilia. I would be happy to serve as a reference for her to anyone considering working with her would like to know more.

Engineering Manager, Google

Lilia is a truly learning recruiter. She is very thorough going through every line and word in the job description, and making sure she understands it and it makes sense to her. She won't stop until she has a really good picture of the position and the result is a very good stream of candidates and an extremely efficient recruiting process. I worked with many recruiters, and she is, hands down, the best one I worked with.

Velo3D, CEO

Career Coaching

Lilia is an excellent career coach! She possesses a unique blend of experiences in both software engineering and talent acquisition domains. Lilia helped me with multiple recommendations and suggestions on how big tech recruiting is different from startup needs. She is very passionate, positive and has an extremely energetic attitude

TA Leader, Meta

When I was applying for my first job in software development, I reached out to Lilia to ask for help setting up my resume, preparing for interviews, and making connections. She went above and beyond, spending as much time with me as I needed for each of these, and she even referred me to a hiring manager at Atlassian, where I ended up accepting an offer! Lilia especially understands that people have a lot of individualized factors that they use to make decisions, and really helped me think about exactly what I was looking for, not just in a job, but in my future as a software engineer. I definitely recommend talking to Lilia about any upcoming job search, and I am sure she can help you no matter what place in your career you find yourself in.

Software Engineer, Atlassian

I don’t know whether Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was actually right or not, I don’t know whether I am a talent to recognize genius or not, but I am a professional and can surely recognize one. And such is Lilia. During my whole career I have never met a recruiter or an HR person who tried to understand me so deeply as a professional and as a person. Her tips on improving my resume cannot be overestimated; her advice on job searching strategies are indispensable; her understanding of the market is realistic and solid. Thank you, Lilia!

VP, BlackRock

Lilia has a rare quality of putting your mind at ease by humanizing the interview process. I had the pleasure of working with Lilia over a few months as she guided me in preparing for my interviews at Amazon and Facebook. Lilia bolstered my confidence by highlighting my strengths, while laying out a clear path forward for improvement. She gave useful tips about how to best communicate my ideas, and provided insights into what recruiters and interviewers are evaluating. After every interview she was eager to follow-up and dissect learning moments. When it came time to negotiate my offers, Lilia helped me understand the incentives at play and assisted me in creating an effective strategy. Lilia’s advice was key in giving me perspective throughout the whole process and I would definitely recommend her guidance to others.

Economist, Amazon

Lilia was my mentor when I started at Elti Solutions, and I could not have asked for a better way to begin my recruiting career. She taught me how to stay on top in recruiting business by attending webinars, reading books, following industry blogs, and paying attention to all of the details about my candidates. She is a motivational and compassionate manager. I believe Lilia is an extremely smart choice for any company's talent acquisition needs. Senior Recruiter, PacBio I was in the middle of a "career hiccup" when I met with Lilia and I was very glad that I spoke with her. She gave me a lot of very good advice not only on my job search, but also the options that are available to me that before then, I was not even considering. Thanks Lilia for giving me the confidence that I can actually start a business of my own, and do something that I am very passionate about.

Senior Recruiter, PacBio

I was in the middle of a "career hiccup" when I met with Lilia and I was very glad that I spoke with her. She gave me a lot of very good advice not only on my job search, but also the options that are available to me that before then, I was not even considering. Thanks Lilia for giving me the confidence that I can actually start a business of my own, and do something that I am very passionate about.

Marketing Manager, DuploCloud

Every once in a while one is privileged to encounter a person who stands out as extra special in their professional approach. Lilia is one of those people. Lilia gave me highly individualized attention, was very caring throughout our interactions, and brought a high level of technical depth and thoughtful analysis during our extended discussions. Thank you so much Lilia.

NPI Scientist, KLA

I was looking for a Data Scientist position and it was my first experience in exploring start-up opportunities in Silicon Valley. Lilia helped me to get through every step in the job search and interview process. Not only does she have a deep knowledge of the software industry and its demand for professionals, but also she can feel and guide the search in the right direction. Lilia listened to me carefully about my former experience and discussed in which area I would like to develop professionally. She gave me very helpful advice on how to demonstrate my skills and achievements in an accurate and concise form and how to make my resume clear to the readers. She gave some hints on how to enhance the searchability of my web profiles among recruiters and also gave recommendations on positions to look for. She gave me as much time as I needed to get the answers to all of my questions and our meeting raised my confidence and helped in a successful job search result.

Data Scientist, Chime

Lilia is one of the most talented recruiters I came across. She took great care in understanding my requirements and getting me appropriate job interviews. She is very hardworking and passionate about matching people with their ideal jobs. I will surely work with her in the future and highly recommend her to anyone looking for new opportunities.

VP, Goldman Sachs

As a soon graduating student I spoke with Lilia to get some advice on the job market. She was very prompt in responding to all my questions, and always made herself available to help. I told her of my specific interests and skills, and she was able to help me tailor my resume and cover letters. She gave me great resources to look into, as well as searched for openings on my behalf herself. Lilia was a great help in general, and if I ever need to find another job I'm sure I will be getting in touch with her again.

Engineering Manager, Meta

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